Thank you for choosing Coolest Nerd Ever for your Web Hosting needs.

As we prepare to transition your website to our servers, there are credentials needed to make sure the transfer process is smooth and efficient. These include credentials for your WordPress, Domain Registrar, web hosting account and cPanel.  Click here for more details.

We treat your credentials with utmost security and confidentiality, using them solely for the purpose of facilitating the website transfer. 

Why do we need these credentials?

As we prepare to transfer your website to our hosting servers, we want to provide a brief explanation of why we require your credentials.

Domain Registrar Credentials: Your domain registrar is the company where your website’s domain name (your website’s address on the internet) is registered.

Access to the domain registrar is necessary to update the Domain Name System (DNS) settings. This will point your domain name to our web servers once the website transfer is complete. Without this, visitors would not be able to find your website.

WordPress Credentials: These credentials are necessary to access your WordPress admin area, the control center for your website.

From here, we can manage and move the WordPress files, databases, plugins, themes, and other essential components of your website. Access to your WordPress dashboard is important to make sure everything functions correctly after the transfer.

Web Hosting Credentials: These credentials grant access to your current web hosting account.

This access is important for us to download a full backup of your website files and databases, which is an essential part of transferring your website to a new host.

cPanel Credentials: The cPanel is a popular web hosting control panel that helps manage your website’s files, databases, email configurations, and other important aspects.

Having these credentials helps us make a complete, direct backup of your website from the server, making sure no data is lost during the transfer.

Together, these credentials allow us to seamlessly and safely transfer your website from your current hosting provider to our servers at Coolest Nerd Ever.

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