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Lead Gen

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Two-thirds of businesses say brand consistency has contributed up to 10% of revenue growth.

Branding & Identity


Your Branding Score

Unified Branding and Colors

Without a consistent look, you're missing the chance to make your brand instantly recognizable to your customers.

Responsive Logo

If your logo doesn't adapt to different devices, you might be losing customers who can't quickly identify your business.

Logo Links to Home Page

Without this, visitors might get frustrated trying to navigate back, reducing the chance they'll stay or come back.

Presence of a Favicon

Not having a small icon in the browser tab makes your site feel less professional and can confuse users with multiple tabs open.

Custom Domain Use

Using a generic domain risks looking amateur, and customers may forget or mistrust your website address.

Email Address with Custom Domain

An email from a generic provider might look spammy or untrustworthy, so you might miss important customer interactions.

Clear Hero Section

Without a clear main message at the top, potential customers might leave because they don’t quickly understand what you offer.

Social Media Integration

Missing this means you're not tapping into the massive audience and trust-building opportunities on social platforms.

Newsletter Integration

Without it, you’re missing a direct way to keep interested customers coming back and making purchases.

Showcased Portfolio/Gallery

If people can't see your past work, you lose the chance to prove how good you are, making it harder to win new customers.

First impressions of websites are 94% related to design.

Design & Layout


Your Branding Score

Grid-Based Layout

Without a grid-based layout, you're missing a chance for visitors to easily navigate and understand your website.

High-Quality Images and Videos

By not using high-quality visuals, you're losing potential customers who judge your business by the clarity and professionalism of your media.

Simple Website Design

If your website isn't simple, you risk confusing visitors, making them leave before discovering what you offer.

Consistent Layout and Design

Without consistent design, visitors might feel lost or unsure, reducing their trust in your business.

Effective Use of Whitespace

Not using whitespace means your site could feel cluttered, overwhelming visitors instead of guiding them.

Avoid Outdated Tech

Using old tech like Flash can prevent some people from accessing your site, cutting off potential customers.

Clear Typography and Fonts

Without clear font choices, visitors might struggle to read and understand your message, decreasing their likelihood to engage.

Font Size

If your text is too small, visitors might have difficulty reading, making them more likely to leave without taking action.

Concise and Readable Text

Wordy or complicated text can turn visitors off; you're missing a chance to communicate effectively with potential customers.

First impressions of websites are 94% related to design.

Content Quality


Your Branding Score

Audience-Related Content

Without content that resonates with your audience, you're missing a chance to truly connect and engage with potential customers.

Structured and Formatted Content

If your content isn't organized well, you risk confusing visitors and losing their interest quickly.

Functional Videos

When videos don't work on your site, you're losing a powerful tool to capture attention and communicate your message.

Regular Blog Updates

Without frequent blog updates, you're missing out on fresh ways to draw visitors back to your site and position yourself as a current expert.

Comment-Enabled Blog

Not allowing comments on your blog means missing out on valuable feedback and chances to engage with your community.

Topical Authority Content

If your content doesn’t show deep knowledge on a subject, visitors might not see you as the expert you truly are.

Available Downloadable Resources

Without offering resources like PDFs or eBooks, you're missing an opportunity to provide extra value and establish trust.

Detailed About Page & Team

Without sharing your story and team, potential customers may not feel the personal connection that drives trust and loyalty.

Common Language Usage

Using too much industry jargon can alienate visitors; you're missing a chance to speak their language and make them feel understood.

Dedicated Service Pages

Without individual pages for each service, potential clients might not get the detailed info they need to make a purchasing decision.

First impressions of websites are 94% related to design.

User Experience


Your Branding Score

Website is Mobile-Optimized

If your website doesn't look good on a phone, you're losing customers who prefer to browse and shop using their mobile devices.

CTAs are Well-Positioned

When your call-to-action buttons are hard to find or confusing, you miss the chance to guide visitors to take actions like buying a product or signing up for your newsletter.

Process Guides are Easily Visible

If people can't quickly find guides on how to use your services or buy your products, they'll leave your website and go to a competitor who makes it easier.

Interactive Micro-Elements

Without interactive buttons and elements, your website may seem outdated and less inviting, making it less likely for customers to engage.


If your website isn't accessible to everyone, you're not only breaking the law, but you're also missing out on customers who have disabilities.

Geolocation Features Available

Without geolocation, you're missing the chance to offer location-based promotions or information, which could attract more local customers to your business.

User-Friendly In-House Forms

If your forms are complicated or send people to third-party sites, you'll lose customers who would have otherwise happily provided you with their information.

Reviews and Feedback Encouraged

When you don't let customers review your products or services, you lose out on valuable testimonials and insights that could improve your business and build trust.

Multiple Contact Options

A contact page with limited information means you could miss out on questions or concerns that potential customers have, causing you to lose sales.

Self-Service Options

If your website doesn't help people help themselves through FAQs or tutorials, you'll spend more time and money answering questions instead of focusing on growing your business.

Pop-Up Use

Not using pop-ups to capture emails or offer promotions means you're missing out on an easy way to engage visitors right before they leave your site.

Navigation & Flow


Your Branding Score

Consistent Header and Footer

Without a uniform header and footer on every page, you're losing the chance to make your website feel unified, which can confuse customers.

Smooth Navigation

If your website is hard to get around, people won't stay long, and you're missing out on sales and sign-ups you could have had.

Breadcrumbs Aid Navigation

Without breadcrumbs, customers can get lost in your website like a maze, making it tough for them to find—and buy—what they really want.

Strategic Internal Links

If you don't guide visitors from one page to another inside your site, you're missing the chance to show them more products or services they might want to buy.

Back to Top Button Used

Without a 'Back to Top' button, visitors may get frustrated scrolling long pages and decide to leave before seeing all you offer.

Broken Links/Unnecessary Redirects

Broken links or confusing redirects are like roadblocks that frustrate customers, making them turn around and leave your store without buying anything.

Custom 404 Error Page

A standard 'Page Not Found' message is a missed opportunity to guide lost visitors back to something useful, like your homepage or product list.

Header is Visually Appealing

A cluttered header can overwhelm visitors, and if they can't quickly see what you offer, they're more likely to leave.

Relevant External Links

If you're not linking to other useful information or products, you're missing a chance to show you're an expert who knows what customers might need next.

Header Includes Special Entry Points

Without clear spots for logging in or signing up in your header, you make it harder for customers to do things like track orders or get special deals, so they might just not bother.

First impressions of websites are 94% related to design.

Trust & Compliance


Your Branding Score

SSL Certificate

Without a secure website, you're losing customers who don't trust you enough to put in their credit card information.

Social Proof

If you don't show reviews or testimonials, you're missing out on sales because people want to hear good things from others before they buy.

Case Studies

No case studies means you lose a chance to show how well your service or product works, so people might go somewhere else.

Privacy Policy

Without a clear Privacy Policy, visitors may worry you're not handling their personal info well, and they'll be less likely to become customers.

Terms & Conditions

If your Terms & Conditions are hard to find or understand, you could lose customers who think you might be hiding something.

Cookie Policy

Not telling people how you use cookies can make them feel spied on, and then they might leave your site.

Service/Product Guarantee

No clear promises about your service mean customers may not think it's worth the risk to try what you're selling.

Shipping Policy

Without clear shipping info, people might abandon their shopping carts because they're worried about extra costs or long waits.

Return Policy

If you don't have a clear return policy, people might not buy in the first place because they're scared they'll be stuck with something they don't like.

Transparent Refund Policy

A hard-to-find or confusing refund policy will make customers think it's too risky to buy from you, costing you sales.

First impressions of websites are 94% related to design.

Digital Commerce


Your Branding Score

Streamlined Checkout Process

Without a smooth and quick checkout, you're losing sales from customers who get frustrated and leave before buying anything.

Multiple Payment Options

If you only accept one way to pay, you're missing out on all the people who prefer to use something else, like PayPal or gift cards.

Advanced Shop Search

Without a smart search bar, customers can't find what they're looking for easily, meaning they'll probably go to a different store instead.

Customer Account Management

If people can't manage their own accounts to track orders and save favorites, they're less likely to come back and shop again.

Upsell and Downsell Options

You're leaving money on the table if you're not suggesting extra products or cheaper alternatives to folks already making a purchase.

Guest Checkout

Some people don't like creating accounts; if you don't offer guest checkout, these customers will just go somewhere else.

Discounts, Coupons, or Sales Offers

Without special deals or savings, customers have no extra reason to choose your store over someone else's.

Cart Recovery Emails

If someone puts items in their cart but leaves, sending them a reminder email can turn a lost sale into extra money for you.

Loyalty Programs and Gifting Options

No rewards or gift options means customers have fewer reasons to keep shopping with you or to tell their friends to check you out.

First impressions of websites are 94% related to design.

Product & Service Display


Your Branding Score

Product Images & Videos

If your website doesn't have clear and high-quality images or videos, you're losing customers who want to see exactly what they're buying before they click "add to cart."

In-Depth Descriptions & Specs

Without detailed descriptions and specs, you make it hard for people to know if your product or service is what they really need.

Transparent Pricing

If your pricing isn't clear, people might think you're hiding extra costs and they'll leave your website to shop somewhere they can get straightforward answers.

Built-In Customer Reviews

Without a way for customers to leave reviews directly on your site, you're missing out on the chance to build trust with new shoppers who rely on those opinions.

Transparent Shipping Info

When people don't know how fast they'll get their stuff or what it'll cost to ship, they might abandon their cart and buy from a competitor who makes that info easy to find.

Related Product Suggestions

If you don't suggest other items that go well with what someone is already buying, you're missing a chance to sell more without the customer having to do extra work.

Bundle & Save Options

Without offering bundled packages of your products or services, you miss an easy opportunity to increase your sales by giving customers a better deal for buying more at once.

Easy-to-Find Manuals and Guides

If customers can't easily find guides or manuals for your products, they may decide it's too much trouble to figure out how to use what you're selling.

Real-Time Stock Levels

When people can't see if an item is in stock, they might not want to risk wasting time placing an order, only to find out later it's not available.

Accurate Tax Info

If your website doesn't calculate taxes correctly during checkout, customers could get frustrated by surprise costs and decide not to complete their purchase.

First impressions of websites are 94% related to design.

Monetization Strategy


Your Branding Score


Without an events section on your website, you're missing the chance to build a community around your brand and keep customers coming back for special occasions.


If you don't offer memberships on your site, you're losing out on a reliable stream of income and a loyal customer base that could be receiving exclusive perks.

Online Courses

By not having online courses, you're skipping an opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your field and to make extra money teaching what you know.

Appointment Scheduling

Without an appointment scheduling feature, you're making it harder for customers to do business with you, causing you to lose money and them to go somewhere else.

Affiliate Marketing for Others

By not promoting other people's products on your site, you're passing up on easy extra income that doesn't require you to stock or ship anything.

Affiliate Marketing for Own Business

If you don't set up affiliate marketing for your own products, you're ignoring a powerful way to have others sell for you, growing your reach and profits at the same time.

First impressions of websites are 94% related to design.

Lead Generation


Your Branding Score

Lead magnet(s)

Without a lead magnet like a free eBook or coupon, you're letting potential customers leave your site without giving you a way to follow up with them.

Interactive Tools

If your website doesn't have interactive tools like quizzes or surveys, you're missing a fun way to learn about what your customers want and keep them on your site longer.

Urgency & Scarcity

Not using urgency or scarcity tactics like limited-time offers means you're not pushing visitors to make a purchase decision right now, which can lead to lost sales.

Pop-up Offers

Without pop-up offers, you're not grabbing the attention of visitors who are about to leave your site, missing a last chance to turn them into customers.

Sticky Bar

If you don't have a sticky bar that stays at the top or bottom of the screen, you're losing out on a simple way to constantly remind visitors of key offers or info.

Benefit-driven Messaging

Without clear, benefit-driven messaging, you're not convincing visitors why they should buy from you instead of someone else, which means fewer sales.

Multi-step Forms

If you're not using multi-step forms, you're asking visitors to give you too much info at once, which can overwhelm them and make them leave.

Thank You Pages

By not having a 'Thank You' page after someone makes a purchase or signs up, you're losing an opportunity to give them a next step, like sharing your site or buying more.

Addresses Objections

If your website doesn't address common objections or questions people might have, you're letting uncertainty stop visitors from becoming customers.