Websites Designed to Bring Profit to Your Business

Compared to the average website design and data analytics firm, we simply provide more. With advanced search engine optimization and data analytics practices included in our foundation, our websites are designed to grow your business. 

Websites Designed to Bring Profit to Your Business

Compared to the average website design and data analytics firm, we simply provide more. With advanced search engine optimization and data analytics practices included in our foundation, our websites are designed to grow your business. 

5 Reasons Why a Website is Important for Your Business

Build brand awareness, credibility and trust.

Educate and support your current and potential customers.

More opportunities for multiple streams of revenue.

Gain insight on how you can grow your business.

Be accessible across the globe 24/7, 365 days per year.

Websites are a big part of our lives these days.  On a daily basis, average internet users browse over 130 different web pages looking to learn more about the products and services that your business has to offer.

Internet users are browsing with high expectations.  It takes less than one second to form an opinion of your website.  Today consumers believe the quality of your website is a direct reflection of the credibility of your business.

With first impressions of a website being 94% design-related, are you really satisfied with the level of quality that your website portrays about your business?  If you’re not, your potential customers aren’t either.  They will be headed straight to your competition – just a click away.

Services We Offer

WordPress Website Design

Make a good first impression with a professional website designed to deliver the best user experience across devices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Make your website more visible, leading to more traffic and opportunities to turn prospects into customers.

Web Analytics & Reporting

Learn the current health of your website and gain insight on how your website visitors demographics and behavior.

About Coolest Nerd Ever

With over 15 years experience in website design and data analytics, we have the expertise to create a successful online presence and enhance your company’s performance.

Over the years we have learned what to prioritize.  This focus has given our clients the advantages of better understanding their customers, improving their products and services and making better business decisions.

We strive to help small businesses understand how meaningful data can be, starting with an outstanding first impression to the world – their website.

Website Design Services

Wordpress Website Design

Represent your brand with a professional, mobile-friendly and fully customizable website that you can easily update.

E-Commerce Functionality

Allow customers to make purchases from your website anywhere, anytime.

Website Audits

Learn the effectiveness of your website and how you can improve it to reach your business goals.

Website Design Training

Learn how to upgrade the design and functionality of your website during a one-on-one session with Coolest Nerd Ever.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Technical SEO

Help search engines crawl and index your website to drive more traffic and increase conversions.

Local SEO

Be more competitive in your local market as more and more consumers turn to local businesses to show support.

Keyword Research

Improve search engine visibility by incorporating keywords that potential customers use when looking for your services.

SEO Audits

Identify SEO problems or errors that can prevent your website from ranking on search engines like Google.

Analytics and Reporting Services

Google Analytics Setup

Confirm your website, marketing, content and product performance by having a Google Analytics account set up.

Google Search Console Setup

Monitor server errors, site load and security issues by having a Google Search Console account set up.

Google Analytics Consulting

Understand how customers and search engines handle your website by gaining insight through Google Analytics.

Business Intelligence

Identify trends and patterns by analyzing current and historical data to drive revenue and improve performance and operations.

How to Get Started


Domain Name

Claim an online address for your business.


Web Hosting

We've got you covered. Our packages include the first year of hosting for free.


Web Package

Multiple options to cater to your business needs.

Word on the Street

The process was methodical, interactive, flexible, thorough, well-researched and client-centric - and she did it all with an infectious smile!
Coolest Nerd Ever captured my vision with ease, and developed my story with grace. I was in extreme awe when we went over the proofing of my page. It was a breathtaking experience to see my page manifest with a clear visual message about my business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s not a single answer to this question because each website is unique and requires different components,  On average, typical businesses that work with Coolest Nerd Ever spend $2,500 on a project, however, pricing can be more or less depending on your needs.  Please contact us for an exact cost estimate.

On average, we shoot for a six to eight week turnaround, but the pace of any project is set by multiple factors.  How much input you provide during the initial stages, your availability for feedback, how soon the content is ready – all this affects the speed of completion.  Functionality needs also play a role as more complex sites take more time to develop.  If you have a specific launch date in mind, let us know and we can provide options.  We also offer rush services for an additional fee.

Yes, we only build websites using WordPress.  WordPress is a great content management system that now powers more than 30% of the web.  Its huge market is due to the flexibility and ease of use that WordPress provides.  We’ll teach you the basics of how to manage and update your website and are always available for help along the way.

Although we’re in the Metro Atlanta area, we work with clients who are located in the United States whose customers are also within the United States.  While we would love to assist businesses in other countries, we’ve found the time zone differences make us less effective.

Yes!  You will be able to modify your website on your own.  We will provide you with  training on how to maintain and update your website.  Our training will be focused on the most common editing functions and will address any special needs or questions you may have regarding your website.  After training, we find that many clients are able to perform the edits they need without assistance.  However, we are always available should any questions or needs arise.